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Company History

Mutual Aid Curricular Services was started in 1996 founded on a vision for standardized competency based training programs for fire departments. Liberty Fire Company in New Holland, PA was our first client and a firefighter classification program was developed to reflect the department’s unique needs. From that experience our company added SOG/SOP development to our product line. As these product lines grew, it was evident that driver training issues had to be addressed in the same competency based manner. In 1999-2000, we offered a comprehensive driver training program. Services were expanded to the business side of the community based volunteer fire service in 2000 through constitution and bylaw development. Today, we address any issue that pertains to quality documentation of the community based volunteer fire department.

Personal Biography

Where it all began……About Ed Hartmann

The creation of Mutual Aid Curricular Services is truly the culmination of the love that I have for the fire service and education. I have traced my family’s roots in the fire service back to the 1890’s. Frank J. Hartmann Sr. was the founder, president and Chief of the Citizen’s Fire Company in the Cramer Hill Section of Camden, NJ. Today, that area of Camden is covered by Engine 11 of the Camden City Fire Department. I come from a long line of educators; in fact, I have the teaching certificate of my great grandmother, Elizabeth M. Miller, bestowed to her in 1896 by the city of Philadelphia, hanging in my office. This consulting firm is the union of those great family traditions.

• 1980 Joined Gibbsboro Fire Company; Gibbsboro, NJ
• 1982 Joined West End Ambulance and Millersville Fire Company; Millersville, PA
• 1983 Became an EMT
• 1984 Graduated from Millersville University B.S. in Education
• 1984 Hired by Warwick School District as a Technology Teacher
• 1985 Joined Lititz Fire Company; Lititz, PA
• 1986 Became member of training team at Lititz Fire Company
• 1991 Graduated from Millersville University M.Ed. in Education, emphasis in curriculum
• 1991 Elected to the National Board of directors of the Technology Student Association
• 1996 Started Mutual Aid Curricular Services
• 1996 First Client was Liberty Fire Company, New Holland, PA
• 1997 Bowmansville Fire Company came on line with Firefighter Classification
• 1998 Started SOP/SOG product line
• 1999 Started Driver Training product line
• 2000 Started Constitution and By-Laws product line
• 2004 Started Zone 3 Curriculum Project (11 departments)
• 2005 Completed Zone 3 Curriculum Project
• 2005 Voted in as Life Member, Lititz Fire Company, Lititz, PA.
• 2009 Joined Rohrerstown Fire Company
• 2011 Honey Brook Fire Company - Bylaws & SOGS