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Firefighter Classification Systems

In a 21st century fire department, many issues will challenge them to uphold safe, competent fire service. One challenge that departments will be able to approach now is education and training.

We specialize in helping your department create a systematic, incentive-based program that will allow a member to train to a level of competency in order to fulfill contemporary firefighting tasks.

SOP / SOG Manual Creation and Revision

Contemporary fire departments function under many standards based on local, state and federal regulations, traditional guidelines unique to a service or department and even unwritten rules or directives. Mutual Aid Curricular Services offers fire departments the opportunity to create a comprehensive and objective set of standards through direct consultation. After an assessment of the unique qualities of a department done by Mutual Aid Curricular Services, a department designated “development team” in collaboration with Mutual Aid Curricular Services work together to incorporate individual department needs and desires that are exclusive to the fire department’s unique services. Mutual Aid Curricular Services and the team partnership is the backbone to standards development. Mutual Aid Curricular Services pulls together the recommendations of the development team to create the final product ~ standard operating procedures/standard operating guidelines (SOP/SOG) manuals for distribution to department membership.

Bylaw Review and Revision

All community based Volunteer Fire Departments are run by Constitution and Bylaws. Many times Fire Departments have not made revisions in many years. Mutual Aid Curricular Services assists Fire Departments in the creation of a set of Bylaws that reflect contemporary issues that all Fire Departments face. Let MACS serve you to better reflect the needs of your department and community in the 21st century.

Emergency Vehicle Driver Training Curriculum

Let Mutual Aid Curricular Services design a training curriculum for your drivers that takes EVOC to the next level. We custom produce documents that allow your training team to evaluate each candidate as an individual, as well as defining the differences in the apparatus in your department. We produce all the training manuals that your fire department needs in order to handle these complex learning outcomes.